All GSLIS students are eligible and encouraged to serve on the LISSA Board; it is a great resume booster and practical experience.

Current positions on the Board include:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Financial Officer, Social Chair, Education Chair, Service Chair, Social Media Chair, and Board Member(s)-at-Large. Positions may be added as needed.

Students must have served on the board for one semester before becoming President. All other positions may be filled by students during their first semester as a board member. Each board member position is a one semester commitment, and students can serve for as many semesters as they want.

**In order to be placed on the LISSA Board Election ballot, students must send a candidate statement to lissa@dom.edu by the announced deadline (March 28). A candidate statement identifies which position the student is running for and explains why they would like to serve on the board. If you have not previously served on the LISSA Board, please include the name of one faculty member supporting your nomination.  Candidates will be contacted by a board member if the application is accepted.**

Here is a brief summary of specific board members roles. Note: Responsibilities and commitments can change based on the goals of the board for a particular semester.

President: Runs monthly meetings, represents LISSA at GSLIS faculty meetings and Alumni Council Meetings, and maintains LISSA email account.

Vice President: Main responsibility is LISSA’s social media presence, assists President as needed.

Secretary:  Takes minutes during meetings and posts to LISSA’s Google Site, maintains LISSA’s Google site, and updates bulletin board and online calendar of events.

Financial Officer: Manages LISSA expenses for events and tours.

Committee Chairs: Chairs are responsible for organizing meetings for their respective committees and reporting at board meetings about committee activities. Committee members do not need to apply through the election process and may talk to one of the board members, chair of a committee, or contact lissa@dom.edu for joining a committee.

The Education Committee plans events that contribute to students’ professional development. These have included tech competency and other types of workshops, library visits, and guest lectures.

The Social Committee plans events to facilitate camaraderie among students. These have included bar nights, pizza parties, bagel breaks, and reader’s advisory book talks.

The Service Committee plans volunteer opportunities and events which promote service. These have included food drives, and volunteer opportunities at libraries and local organizations.

The Marketing Committee organizes a marketing plan to advertise LISSA events and activities, communicates opportunities to GSLIS students, and considers effective promotion methods for the association.  This involves using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Publication Committee oversees the publication of LISSA’s open access journal, which includes advising editors and coordinating with publication platforms.

Board Member at Large: Attends monthly board meetings, assists committee chairs as needed, and promotes LISSA to fellow students.

Please contact lissa@dom.edu if you have any questions.

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